About Safeaero

Since October 2016 we are part of Textron GSE. Our Swedish company name is Textron Sweden AB.

Safeaero i Trelleborg AB, Sweden was founded in 1997, when the company bought production and marketing rights for the MDI 412 and MDI213 deicers from the Hägglunds Moelv company in Norway.  Production was then relocated to the southern port city of Trelleborg in Sweden.

Safeaero received the “Company of the Year” award in Trelleborg 2008.

In 2010, Safeaero received the prestigious Gasell award for the best growth company in southern Sweden.


First One-Person Operated Deicer

The MDI412 was the first one-person operated deicer which was developed in close cooperation with SAS and introduced in 1987.  The deicer was 4-wheel driven with a working height of 12m and also functioned as a push-back tractor.

In 1989 the two-wheel driven MDI213 was developed and had an operating height of 13m.  All succeeding models were produced according to this concept,  which included car-like driving and steering controls.  All units are operated with a regular steering wheel, brake and accelerator pedal during both transport and operation.

Since the introduction of the first model, continuous improvements have been made through product innovation and development.  For example, the proportional mixing system was introduced to the market in 1990, followed by a forced air system, new nozzle and nozzle control system, as well as an anti-collision system.

Extended Product Line

Several new models have since been introduced to the market which include the Safeaero 217, 218, 220, 220EH and 223XXL deicers.  In 2005, Safeaero also acquired the design, licensing, manufacturing and marketing rights from the Stalder Engineering Company for the Gadi, Cyclone and Typhoon line of deicers. With this extended product line, Safeaero is capable of handling the deicing needs of small domestic airports to large international hubs.